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to many rats

By: hal mcnaughton, United Kingdom Posted: 2016-06-30


If you like camping and roughing, this is your hotel. My friends slept with mosquito nets over there beds. The walls and doors have huge cracks that let in the bugs and rats. A rat chewed my book on the nightstand and my shoe one night while I was sleeping. Chickens are allowed to walk thru the restaurant. Staff was polite, but the second worst hotel I ever stayed in. I I would never go back. To get to this place there is a one hour drive on a dirt road that will ruin your back.

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Villa Pinares de Mayari, one of the better eco-lodges in Cuba.

By: cubaism Expert, Gambia Posted: 2010-04-10


There's not much choice when it comes to eco-lodges in Cuba. One of the better options is Villa Pinares de Mayari, deep in the forests of La Mensura National Park, in the Nipe Cristal mountain region northeast of Holguin. Getting ... read full review

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Gaviota, naturally!

By: Michael, Cameroon Posted: 2013-09-09


My wife and I have been guests at the Villa numerous times during the last 5 years, sometimes for weeks at a time. The log cabins remind us so much of Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada! We have driven there ... read full review

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