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Hotel Habana Libre

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last review on 2018-11-01 at 06:22:28

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By: laura garza, New Zealand Posted: 2010-12-01


Estoy de acuerdo con los 2 coemntarios anteriores, para ser un hotel de 5 estrellas deberían cuidar más la imagen que tienen, uno paga por servicio y seguridad. A mi me robaron el celular en mi habitación, me fui por ... read full review

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biggest dump in town

By: mario cuellar, Gambia Posted: 2010-10-06


for such a historic place the hotel is nothing but a very cheap version of what a hotel should be,the elevators have broken mirrors there are big stains on the carpet on all the floor levels and the furniture in ... read full review

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Clean it properly!!!!!

By: Francesca Belloni, Kazakhstan Posted: 2010-08-24


You have such a huge place and you're letting it be spoled by time! Why?!?!? Our room was big and ok, but the AC wasn't working and there was a toe nail on the floor and hairs everywhere in the ... read full review

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