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Hotel Telegrafo

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last review on 2015-10-26 at 13:13:30

Latest Hotel Telegrafo Reviews

All good at the Hotel Telegrafo

By: Nina Ward, Ireland Posted: 2015-10-26


Nothing but good to say about our five-night stay in this hotel in the centre of Havana. The room was large and clean, had a comfortable bed, excellent shower, and television with a couple of English language channels, although with ... read full review

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By: Mark, Cook Islands Posted: 2011-12-05


This was a most pleasant stay in Havana. The hotel is located right in the heart of the city and close to every sightseeing location in town. It is just one block from the capital building and next door to ... read full review

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Stay at the Telegrafo!!

By: Jo An, United Kingdom Posted: 2010-11-12


I, along with 19 others from the U. A. stayed at this hotel. It was wonderful. The staff was professional. My maid was unbelievable...I was in room 204...she left art work every day. She saw me on the street and ... read full review

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