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Hotel Covarrubias

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last review on 2015-07-16 at 10:44:28

Latest Hotel Covarrubias Reviews

Nice Hotel but it needs to be taken care

By: Dalgys Suarez, Austria Posted: 2015-07-16


We loved the food at the restaurant and most of the staff make as feel welcome the were very friendly. The cleanliness of the rooms were up to standarts but they need to refurbished the rooms, they need to fumigate ... read full review

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Hotel Covarrubias, accommodations are spacious and contemporary styling

By: cubaism Expert, Cook Islands Posted: 2010-04-10


We like this all-inclusive beach resort, despite its reclusive position miles from anywhere on the north shore of Las Tunas province. In fact, it is surrounded by miles of impenetrable mangroves and lagoons - great for birding - and the ... read full review

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