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Not that great

By: Isa, Canada Posted: 2011-03-15


The hotel itself is kept clean, which is always very positive. However, the drainage system and water pressure in the hotel are very bad. The bathtub in our room on ground floor did not drain at all, the sink was leaking water, and the shower pressure was so low, that it was impossible to shower. We have asked for another room, which we got the next day on 4th floor. The problems were to some point similar, but little less severe. But still, it was no fun to shower.
The staff at front desk were not friendly at all. No level of appreciation and customer service. I guess this is due to the communistic nature of business. Why someone should try hard, when they work for government and there is no competition? The hotel is about 15km from downtown Havana, about 6 dollars taxi ride - if you negotiate well, and there is nothing really to for tourists in the close vicinity of the hotel. Next time, I would rather pay a bit more and stay in Park Central in downtown - which is a bit more expensive, but we absolutely loved a few visits to this hotel.

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