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Horrible hotel, worth a visit only for the view

By: Emily, Cuba Posted: 2015-07-30


This hotel has been the worst I have stayed in Cuba, both in terms of quality and service. I stayed in Suite 101 (although there is not much of a suite there). The room was old and dirty and there were holes in the wall by the A/C, which made the A/C totally useless. The hotel staff told me the hotel had been abandoned for a while after the 2012 hurricane and they do not see many foreign tourists - which is reflected in the terrible conditions of the pool, bar, restaurant areas and the rooms.
Although there were very few customers in the hotel, the swimming pool area was packed with people from outside who were just using the pool all day. The food was awful and they tried to ask me for more money than what was stated in the menu.
The only nice thing was the location, with a beautiful view of the US Base from the terrace. The view is worth a brief visit from Guantanamo (Caimanera is about 25 minutes by taxi from Guantanamo), without need to stay in the hotel for the night. Special permits are required also for short visits, but they are processed relatively quickly (3 days) by the helpful personnel at Guantanamo Hotel in Guantanamo. The Caimanera Hotel does not provide binoculars, so if you actually want to see something I\'d suggest you bring yours.

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By: John S Glover, Cuba Posted: 2013-03-16


Absolutely excellent! This is in a "special" area of Cuba, adjacent to the US base. Both Cubans and foreigners need special permission to enter this area and passports and paperwork may be checked three times between leaving Guantanamo and arriving ... read full review

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