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Hotel Saratoga

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last review on 2013-06-04 at 14:59:06

Lastest Hotel Saratoga Reviews

Loved it

By: Maree , Australia Posted: 2013-06-04


By the time I reached the Saratoga I had spent 15 days in Cuba having travelled throughout the countryside and also staying 1 night at the Hotel Nacional in Havana at the beginning of my tour. The Saratoga was by ... read full review

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Not so good!

By: Helhav, Cuba Posted: 2012-02-17


I loved the location, the look of the hotel and the room (with its wonderful view!). However, the service was generally not satisfactory, but particularly in the restaurant where the food was disappointing and the service from the waiters was ... read full review

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By: Ivan, Cuba Posted: 2011-10-02


Dear Sir/Madam! I wonder if you would do me a favor. Some time ago my family and I came to your town on vacation and stayed at your hotel. We want to express to you our gratitude for your warm ... read full review

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